Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thoughts from the bathroom.

I have decided to put my laptop in my bathroom since all of my best ideas happen while on the "thinking chair."   Its the most comfy chair in this apartment.

Barfington and I ended up eating leftover pizza from the other night when Kate came over.  I had mine cold while Barfington insisted I heat his up.  Later I sat on the balcony and dropped paint ball pellets on the sidewalk from four stories up.  I didn't hit anyone but I sure as hell tried.

Does anyone else surf the internet while they are "doing paperwork" or am I the only one?  I wonder if I should play WoW in the bathroom too.  nah, that would be too much of a sitting commitment.  I'm sure my ass would start to get sore and Barfington would probably be annoyed that his water bowl is being occupied.

I wonder how many people from the Chan came here and made blogs today.

-Pen the Impaler


  1. I play Pokemon.
    -little defeated sob-

  2. Lol, penny, wtf is wrong with you?

  3. Oh, I usually waste time playing with my Pokewalker in the bathroom, but the laptop thing is a good idea!