Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Welcome to Wasting Time with Penelopi where we will be doing just that.  WASTING GOD DAMNED TIME.

So today I found out that I am shitty at driving.  I hit some old lady.  Boy howdy that bitch went flying.  It was beautiful.  T_T

No, I'm kidding.  That never happened.  I don't even own a car.  I just putt putt around all day on my scooter.  I deliver take out for a greek food place in La-La land.  That's where I live, or at least how I will be referring to where I live.  La-La-Land or LLL for short.  Running take out food is pretty sweet.  It's a living and since it's just me and my dog Barfington, we do alright.

Barfington.  he's one hell of a dog.  I found him in the alley out back from my apartment a few years ago.  All scrawny and dumb looking.  I think he's some sort of german shepard, border collie, rhinoceros mutt.  He is a big damned dog.  Well behaved though.  Thank god.

Anyway, you have been wasting time with Penelopi.  Come back again tomorrow to find out what Sir Barfington and I ate for dinner.



  1. I almost believed the hitting the old lady comment.

    Barfington is a fantastic name for a dog

  2. I second radioactive. Barfington is a very good name for a dog.

    When I grow up, I'm going to give my pets human names like George and Frank and then name my kids Spike and Rex.

  3. I already know your blog is going to be amazingly fun to read.